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Wesko eLock App New Features

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Wesko launches its most ambitious App upgrade to date, packed with new features and capabilities.

Wesko All Locks Page

Watch App

The most requested feature from our users is here! Set up your eLock once with the App and then leave it behind.

Lock and unlock directly from your Apple or Android watch! App supports both Apple Watch OS and Android Wear OS. Works with all eLock firmware releases!

Home Screen Widget

Trigger lock or unlock directly from your smartphone home screen without having to open the Wesko Lock app first! If you update your passcode with the App watches and widgets are automatically updated. Works with all eLock firmware releases!

App Support For RFID Users

RFID users need a way to open their lockers when they forget their RFID cards. The App now provides back-up access. eLock users invited by email automatically have their RFID information stored within the App. Simply download the App, register with your email address and your eLock will be populated on your "My Locks" page. 1-Click to lock/unlock your eLock without your RFID card. May require eLock firmware upgrade.

Low-Power Bluetooth Mode

Some keypad or RFID sites do not use the Wesko App for users. Administrators can significantly extend battery life between charges by activating the low-power Bluetooth mode. In this mode Bluetooth is turned off. Administrators can easily access via their App by simply pressing the reset button. This activates the Bluetooth function for 30 seconds. Once the App is connected to an eLock Bluetooth stays in broadcast mode until it is disconnected. After 30 seconds without activity Bluetooth is deactivated.May require eLock firmware upgrade.

USB Mode For Admin Passcode Changes

Wesko has also developed a PC tool to simplify and control changes to admin passcodes. USB mode is activated by the Admin and allows a PC laptop to be connected to any eLock. The laptop securely controls admin passcode additions including multi-layered codes. PC Utility ensures passcodes are correctly entered and produces a report detailing changes made. Works with all eLock firmware releases!