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Wesko App's

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Skip the keypad and use the App to control your eLock(s)

  • Enter passcode once, securely stored in the App

  • 1-click lock/unlock

  • Easily change your passcode any time

  • Monitor battery status

  • Switch to “My Locks” page to show only your eLock(s)

  • Set-up Widgets for access on your watch or home screen


With a valid site admin passcode, the App opens into a powerful management tool

  • Discover lost passcodes

  • Add or delete users

  • Change configuration settings (e.g., resident/assigned vs. shared-use/hoteling)

  • Review history logs


App Features

  • “Find Me” mode pairs a specific eLock in large bank of lockers or cabinets to your phone. When activated, eLock tile in App turns green and moves to top.

  • eLock firmware broadcasts "eLock Name” which can be customized to match locker# or workstation#.

  • Invite users by email and grant access securely.

  • Security guard mode provides 24-hour access at the guard station

  • Create groups to unlock entire lock groupings with 1-click

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