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  • My user documentation is missing?
    You can find soft copies of the user documentation here.
  • I've lost/forgotten my passcode?
    You need to contact your onsite eLock administrator. Lost codes can be recovered and/or reset by your administrator. Don't know who your administrator is? Contact us and we will connect you.
  • What are the main pages in the App?
    You can swipe left/right to navigate between 3 pages. “All Locks” – shows all eLocks within Bluetooth range. Once your passcode has been accepted, your eLock tile will turn blue. “My Locks” – shows only your eLocks as blue tiles. “Group Locks” – allows you to lock/unlock a group of eLocks on your My Locks page with 1 click by creating a group and adding your elocks.
  • What do the symbols on the eLock tiles mean?
  • How do I create home screen or watch widget?
    Once you have an eLock on your My Locks page, you can add to your watch or home screen widget. Select Widget watch and click on the tile to Select “+”.
  • What if I move locations, how do I delete/logout of an eLock?"
    Simply "Long Press" on your eLock tile (i.e., blue tile and a “forget eLock” message will be presented. say "yes" to confirm.
  • My tablet or smartphone screen is not responsive to touch?
    Touchscreen responsiveness varies by tablet and manufacturer. Try touching near or around the icons.
  • I don’t see any grey tiles on the All Locks Page?
    Smartphone App may have lost connection with the Bluetooth function. Close Wesko App, turn off Bluetooth in Smartphone settings and then turn it back on. Restart Wesko App and select “Scan for eLocks”.
  • Does the App support any other languages?
    Yes, the App supports French and Spanish. If these languages are specified under your smartphone settings then the App will switch language.
  • How do I change my password in resident mode
    Press 3-P on the keypad. Enter current passcode followed by "√" and then your new 4-digit passcode followed by "√". For example, 3-P 1-2-3-4-√ 2-2-4-4-√
  • How do I check battery level on the keypad
    Simply press 2-P and the LED's will flash: - Green 80% + - Yellow 60 - 80% - Red - charge soon
  • Red light is on continuously
    Security lockout is activated when 5 wrong codes are entered. Administrator can disable or wait 15 minutes for an additional 5 tries.
  • Yellow light is on continuously
    Yellow light is on when the App is connected or if an administrator activated program mode on the keypad. Disconnect the App or exit program mode by pressing 1-1-P on the keypad.
  • Red light flashes once after code is entered
    Passcode is invalid
  • When I try to lock my flush mount eLock I get yellow and red light flashes?
    The flush mount eLock will only lock when the knob i (i.e., the "dimple" on the knob) is at 12 O'Clock. Rotate the knob to noon and try again.
  • When I try to lock my locker mount eLock I get a green light, but the locker won't lock or unlock? "
    Two possibilities: (1) something inside has fallen and is pressing on the door or (2) latch was mis-installed. Try pressing inward on the door to relieve the pressure.
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