• johnm4858

New App Helps With Social Distancing

Many companies are struggling with physical distancing requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is particularly important when pairing an employee's RFID card to an assigned locker. Previously the administrator needed to be onsite with the employee and their RFID card or fob.

With our new release, the administrator can assign an RFID lockers without employees being on site. Later when the employee returns to the office, their RFID card can be activated using the App. The App will highlight the assigned locker as a blue tile showing the locker number. By simply clicking on the tile, the employee will be guided through the process to pair their RFID card.

Touchless Access

As an additional benefit, RFID users can use the App to lock or unlock their locker. Forgot your RFID card? No Problem!

The Wesko App is freely available and provides touchless access for all Wesko keypad or RFID eLock users. App users can also take advantage of access on their iPhone or Android smart watches as well as home screen widgets. Employees can take advantage of touchless access without have to dig for their phone.