Flush Mount eLock - Keypad/Smartphone

Flush Mount eLock - Keypad/Smartphone

For pedestal, laterals and credenza. Features include:

  • Access with ADA-compliant keypad or free Wesko App
  • All metal construction
  • Powerful and easy administration with Smartphone App
  • Supports wood or metal cabinets
  • Supports installation in gable with central locking assemblies
  • Wide variety of optional cams, tenons and central locking cranks
  • Options

    • Orientations: Left, right or vertical
    • Rotations: CW, CCW, 90/180 degrees
    • Wide range of cams, tenons and cranks
    • Satin or Black finish
    • Passcode operation: Assigned/resident employee or Shared-use/hoteling


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